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727 First Officer
Title:727 First Officer
Department:Flight Operations

727 First Officer


  • Able to perform flight operations in accordance with 14 CFR Part 125 operation and company’s procedure manual.
  • Flexibility for on-demand, ad-hoc, 24/7/365 flight operations.
  • Execute other non-flight related duties such as loading, TSA, Hazmat, etc.
  • Perform additional duties as assigned.


  • Must be able to domicile within one-hour of Toledo Express Airport (KTOL).
  • Must have a valid FAA Commercial License, ATP preferred.
  • 727 Type Rating with a minimum of 500 hours turbine/heavy aircraft.
  • 1000 hours PIC multi engine aircraft.
  • Current appropriate Medical Certificate (minimum Second Class).
  • Must meet the appropriate currency and proficiency requirements of 14 CFR Part 125 and/or equivalent military experience.
  • While on duty, must be on call 24/7 per requirements of 14 CFR Part 125.37.
  • Able to pass company background check.
  • Have no limitations on travel outside the United States.
  • Must have current valid passport for travel to and from the United States.
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